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When I grow up I want to be alive. Stop Rhino poaching.Wildlife. Save it to cherish or leave it to perish.Don't breed or buy, while shelter dogs dieYou can't buy love. Adopt it.Never should we look back and say I should have helped them when I had the chanceMy horn is not medicineDon't kill my familyKeep the ban on fox huntingMy hunter buddy tells me "Don't worry, when i hunt, I use every part of the animal". You know who else uses every part of the animal? THE ANIMALNow it's fairLet us not forget the small animalsNo kingdom without the king. Save tigersReach out to an animal in need. It will change their your life and theirsI just want to drink wine, save animals and take napsSave an animalEat sleep save animals repeatShoot us with cameras not gunsSave animals facing extinction
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